Introducing Kingdom City House

In the last two months, we’ve seen the continuation and beginnings of a mighty move of God in our land. Late 2018, God spoke clearly to acquire a centre in the middle of our town. At the time, I found it hard to understand why, as I knew that God desired me to travel with the Gospel. As I prayed and time progressed, it became overwhelmingly evident that God had great purpose in a centre to host, train and send the preaching of the Gospel. With great joy, I, together with my wife Casie, and kingdom family, introduce “Kingdom City House”, 3 Reef Street Gympie.

A home base, headquarters and revival centre, “Kingdom City House” has made its mark as a house of God.

We offer our sincere thanks to all who worked tirelessly to see the centre open in such a short space of time. We are continually blessed by our kingdom family who serve in humility and with great honour.

Kingdom City House Q & A

What is the function of KCH?

  • Worship the Lord Jesus
  • Gather, train, and send disciples
  • to be a light in the centre of Gympie city
  • host revival meetings, teaching and training from world-class anointed teachers and preachers.

Is KCH a church?

  • All born again believers who gather at Kingdom City House are the church.

Who is Kingdom City House?

  • KCH a meeting hall at the home base of Jesus King of Kings Evangelistic Ministries
  • KCH is a gathering place for believers across the region

How can I support KCH?

  • You can attend our public meetings, which will be updated on our website and Facebook page.
  • You can contribute financially. Finances will be distributed to the upkeep of the facility, staffing, missions, including FMF, Eternity Records, School of Prophetic Arts
  • You can pray for a mighty harvest in the town. and the training and equipping of the saints to be sent across the country

Is Jesus King of Kings Evangelistic Ministries still a travelling ministry?

  • Yes.
  • Freedom Music Festival, Freedom Tour, individual gospel preaching appointments are still the ‘bread and butter.’
  • KCH is merely a base from which JKOKEM will operate.

Revive 21
Revive 21 weekend (February 20- 21) KCH’s first meeting weekend. We thank God for bringing salvation, healing and deliverance. Revive 21 was instrumental in the launch of the building, yes, but more importantly the Holy Spirit came in power. You are welcome to join us at any meeting you will find the schedule updated regularly on the KCH Facebook page.

May God Bless you richly,

J-L Rathbone